Leasing Forms and Addendums

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             We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a new resident and most likely a future home buyer.  We are pleased that you have chosen our property as your new home. 

             We recognize that most rental residents sooner or later consider buying their own home.  We wish to help if you will be looking to buy in the near future (within the next three years), and we are glad to let you participate in our "Future Home Buyers" program. As part of our Future Home Buyers program, should you desire at any time in the future to actually purchase the home you are moving into, we will be glad to discuss the buying options available to you.

             We also reward loyal residents and future home buyers who pay rent on time by giving an "on-time" thank you voucher with each punctual payment.  Each voucher has a value of $__________ and is good toward the purchase of the home you are moving into or one of the homes by the builders or brokers participating in our homebuyer's program. The homes that you may be able to receive credit toward can be found in the following areas ________________________. The credit vouchers can quickly add up to several hundred dollars and over a thousand dollars and make it easier for you to accumulate part or most of the down payment you will need for your purchase.  Vouchers are also given each time we conduct a semi-annual inspection of the property and you pass the inspection. The amount credited for passing each inspection is $_________.

             Each six months we hold a home buying discussion to update you on your buying option, answer any questions and offer assistance as you come closer to the day that you will buy a home.  If you wish to discuss buying options anytime, please do not hesitate to call us.  The best time to call is between _______________ and _______________ on _______________, and again, welcome!

Rental Manager



Thank You For Your On-Time Payment And Property Upkeep

             This is to acknowledge we received your recent payment on or before the due date or for passing the semiannual property inspection.  As part of the Future Homebuyers Program, you are entitled to receive this voucher good toward the purchase of the home _________________________________________________________________.

              The value of all vouchers received are added into our future homebuyer's account.  Please note, if any rent payment is received after the due date or you fail to pass a property inspection, all vouchers and total amount accrued up to that point is considered null and void.  It is therefore important to continue your excellent payment record and properly maintain the property.  Thank you once again for your on-time payment. The value of this voucher toward the Future Homebuyers Program  is $ _____________


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