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(Addendum to Rental Agreement)

The following resident(s),_______________________________________, wishes to have a waterbed at the following address: ______________________________________________.  This addendum becomes part of the Rental Agreement dated                              between stated residents and  ___________________________________, Owners. Because this agreement specifically prohibits keeping waterbeds without the Owner's permission, Residents agree to the following terms and conditions in exchange for permission to have waterbed on premises:

1) ADDITIONAL DEPOSIT. In consideration of the additional risks involved in waterbed installation,  Residents agree to pay additional deposit of $                       , .At the end of the rental term, owner will inspect the property for any damages that were caused by the Waterbed and deduct from said deposit any monies needed for repairing and or cleaning  of floors or floor covering and any other related waterbed damages. Resident agrees to pay promptly for any damages exceeding the amount of the deposit on hand.

2) WATERBED SPECIFICATIONS: Residents agree to keep one waterbed approved by Owners for the dwelling. Waterbed shall consist of a mattress with the following minimum specifications: ___________________________________________ which meets the Waterbed Manufacturers' Association standards.

3) INSTALLATION: Residents agree to allow Owners to inspect the waterbed installation at any and all reasonable times and Residents agree to remedy any problems or potential problems immediately. Money will not be deducted from deposit, but instead by paid from resident. Any money due related to waterbed damages or problems will be immediately considered as additional rent due and grounds for termination of the rental agreement if not paid.

4) LOCATION: Residents agree to consult with the Owners about the location of the waterbed. They agree to hire qualified professionals to install and dismantle the bed according to the manufacturers specifications and further agree not to relocate it without the Owners consent.

5) INSURANCE: Residents agree to furnish Owners with a copy of a valid certificate of waterbed liability insurance policy for at least $100,000 covering the waterbed installation. The residents also agree to keep the insurance policy in force at all times and to renew the policy as necessary for continuous coverage and provide a copy of the renewal policy to the owner.

6) BREACH OF THE AGREEMENT:  Resident agrees to not damage the waterbed or allow a guest to do the same and agrees to become personally liable for any and all damages should damage occur. Residents agree to pay immediately for any damage caused by their waterbed and, in addition, they will add $                             to their security deposit, any of which may be used for cleaning, repairs, or delinquent rent when Residents vacate.  This added deposit, or what remains of it when waterbed damages have been assessed, will be returned   to Residents within              days after the resident vacates the property. Failure to comply with any of the terms of this agreement allows the Owners to exercise his right to revoke this permission to keep a waterbed should the Residents break this agreement

Resident ___________________________________________ Date                                           

Resident ___________________________________________ Date                                           

Owner/Manager _____________________________________ Date                                           

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