Retention/Turnover/Marketing Forms

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___  Check and test all wall receptacles and switches.  One faulty switch may cause a new

        resident to question overall safety of the electrical system.

___  Turn on and off all faucets. Check for leaks, also around tub, shower heads, and under sinks.

___  Flush toilets.  Make sure they're functioning properly, no leaks around bottom, maintains

        proper water and shuts off properly

___  Close and open all doors, exterior, interior, sliding and closets.  Check door stops,

        closet rods and shelves.

___  If drapes or mini-blinds are provided, clean or order replacements.

___  Exterminate for all pests, and put air freshners in place.

___  Replace light bulbs.  Good lighting helps in showing vacant units.

___  Clean and check all appliances.  (Including cleaning in and behind them). 

___  Make sure all kitchen countertops, drawers, and cabinets are clean. 

        Remove old shelf paper.  Check to see if all hardware and knobs are in place.

___  Make bathrooms shine, including tubs, (remove any decals) toilets, tile, cabinets, mirror,

        mirror, towelbars, toilet paper holders, soap dishes (are all in place). Paint walls if needed.

___  Check condition of paint on all interior walls and ceilings. Paint if necessary, fill in any holes.

___  Clean and shine all vinyl floorings. Clean and deodorize all carpets and rugs.

___  Clean all windows and mirrors.  Replace any broken or scratched windows. Check to see if

        all screens are in place.  Are they torn?

___  Check heating units and air conditioners, including replacing filters.

___  Remove all trash and debris or personal items left.

___  Test smoke alarms.

___  Sweep entryways and wash off front of building.  Does front porch need a paint touch up?

___  Check stairs, handrails, porches and/or balconies.

___  Rekey all locks and ensure all are working properly. See if any window locks are needed.

___  Is exterior of premises clean and neat?  Does grass need cutting or other landscaping needs.

___   Any special welcome touches: __________________________________________

       Checklist Complete_________________________            Date__________________

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