Retention/Turnover/Marketing Forms

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RETENTION/TURNOVER/MARKETING - Updated Resident Information


(Annual Review to Update Records and/or Cross Check Management)

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Name:____________________________________Social Security # _________________________

Name of Spouse:____________________________Social Security # ________________________

Please list all other individuals living in the dwelling, their relationship to you and ages:




How many Pets:___________________  Please describe: ______________________________

Current rent per month:_______________ Last time you had a rent raise: __________________

Do you pay other than monthly?   Yes___   No___  If not, how often?_____  How much?_______

Rent is due by what date:_______________  If paid after due date, how much? ______________

I pay my rent with Cash__ Money Orders__ Checks__ Electronic Transfers __ Other _________

What date is late charge added:____________ How much is late charge:_____________________

Have you paid any late charges this year? ______ Which months? _______________________

I pay late charges with Cash __ Money Orders __ Checks __ Are you given receipts? _________

My payments are Mailed __ Dropped off __ Picked up __ By whom__________________________

Do you owe any back due rent/late charges right now? __________ How much:_______________

When is the last time you made a rent payment:_______________ For what month: __________

Have you been requested to pay any charges this year for bad checks ___  How much?_______

Any additional charges/fees paid?  If so, amount________    For what_____________________

When did you first move in: ____________________________________________________

I paid an application fee in the amount of?_____________ Refundable___   Non Refundable___

Any other move-in fees?  If so, what?_________________  Refundable___  Non Refundable___

If you moved in this year did you receive a move-in special/bonus? Yes____  No____  N/A___

Describe the move-in special, bonus, discount or gift you were given:___________________

Amount of original security deposit:___________  Any deposit still/now due: _____________

Have you been told any money has been deducted:________ For what __________________

Do you pay for any utilities?    Yes___    No___  Which ones? _________________________

Appliances (that are part of the rental agreement):___________________________________

Any other extras that have been added: ___________________________________________

Do you currently have renter's insurance? _____ With what company ____________________

Have you received a referral fee or extra tenant bonus of any kind this year?   Yes___   No___

If so, how much $________________   For what ______________________________________

Have you received satisfactory service this year from management?    Yes___    No___

If not, what is one thing we have neglected to do? ___________________________________

Employer: ______________________________________ Phone: ________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Supervisor:_________________ Gross income:_________ Weekly:___________ Mo:__________

Spouse's Employer: _______________________________ Phone:________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Supervisor:_________________ Gross income:__________ Weekly:___________ Mo:_________

Other income by either resident _____________________ Weekly:___________ Mo:_________

From what source: ____________________________________________________________

Current Bank: ____________________________________ Phone:________________________

Checking ___ Savings ____ Account # _____________________________________________

Make of automobile(s):___________________________ License: __________________________

Person to contact in case of an emergency: _____________________ Phone:________________

Resident: ___________________________________________  Date: ____________________

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Download and Edit Instructions - (Easy Peasy)
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