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During the summer months, will you be traveling out of town? We would like to recommend the following steps to help prevent any problems from occurring in regards to your residence. We will be glad to even check on your property if you will be away for an extended vacation period.

Notify management of your absence.  Call and inform us of any dates, where you will be away from your rental for an extended period (beyond three days).  Leave an emergency number where you can be reached.

Prepay your rent.  Prior to leaving, prepay rent especially if you are traveling near the rental due date. This way, you can avoid late fees and preserve your excellent payment and credit history. Reminder,  we offer the special automatic-draft or electronic transfer payment plans that allow you to focus on your trip and not worry about mailing payments and possible late fees.

Purchase automatic timers for your lights (or receive them as a free gift).  Lighted windows give the impression that someone is home.  We will give you two as a free gift when you sign up for the automatic draft prepayment plan). Your automatic timer lights can turn on your lights in the evenings and off in the morning.

Yard Maintenance: If your rental agreement states that residents are responsible for yard maintenance (regular lawn cutting), be sure to make arrangements for someone to cut the grass during your absence. Owner reserves the right to hire someone to cut the grass if left unattended for two weeks, and bill the resident for the charges.

Stop newspapers and mail delivery.  Stop all routine deliveries, so that there is no evidence that you are away.  Items accumulated at your front door, on your yard or in your mailbox are signals that you are not home.

Inform your immediate neighbors.  Designate and ask at least one neighbor to keep an eye on your property during in absence. Give that neighbor our management number, in case they notice a problem. Please give the management the name and phone number of the designated neighbor.

Secure all doors and windows.  Weather changes can damage your carpet, drapes and furniture. Close and lock all doors and windows. Be sure we have duplicate keys to all locks.

Avoid insect problems.  Eliminate the possibility of returning to an insect infested home.  Empty all trash containers and garbage bags and remove them from the home.  Secure open food containers, and put them in your refrigerator.

Disconnect appliances.  Avoid leaving any appliances plugged in, including such items as; your televisions, computers, microwave, iron,  toaster and other small appliances. Check all cords for fraying to insure a fire will not occur while you are away.

Check your gas stove burners and oven.  Before leaving your premises, always take a final check of your stove to insure the burners are off to eliminate the possibility of a gas explosion.

Water all house plants.  Prior to an extended absence, water all house plants and place them in the kitchen sink. Make arrangements for a friend to water your plants.

Telephone message.   Do not leave messages on your voice mail system or answering machine that reveal you are on a vacation or away for an extended period.

Do not leave any animals unattended: If your lease permits a pet, do not leave pets in the residence unattended while you are gone.

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