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To:    College/University Student Housing

From:  __________________________     Date:_____________



Dear Housing Director:


             I'd like to introduce myself to you.  My name is ______________________.  I own/manage rental homes conveniently located in a neighborhood surrounding your school only _____ miles from your campus.  Your students, faculty, and staff who are new to your school and/or the area or transferring or relocating will find that our well maintained homes and/or apartments also offer easy access to the major highways,  bus lines and shopping. I am pleased to let you know that we offer a $______ donation to your schools housing department anytime we rent to one of your faculty members, staff or students.

             I am writing this letter to ask if you would please include my contact information below on your list of housing choices for your graduate students, international students, staff and faculty.  I've also enclosed a flyer(s) and/or index card(s) describing our rental property that  can be posted on appropriate bulletin boards.  Our rental homes offer many amenities options including:______________________________________.

             We can also offer furnished rentals. We offer a wide range of rental rates ranging from ________________.  In addition, rent payments can be arranged to coincide with each semester. Quarterly, monthly and biweekly payment plans are available.

             We offer rental terms for the academic year as well as short term leases and our unique "two-year" term for graduate students is available and very popular.  Plus, we offer lease-to-buy programs in which your long-term staff or faculty may be interested.  Any person, student or faculty, who presents a copy of this letter or a college I.D. will receive  $ _______ credit towards first month's rent or a free property upgrade.   Rent credit is subject to the resident being otherwise qualified to rent as evidenced by an executed lease.

             I look forward to working with students who are relocating and seeking alternative housing choices.  Let us know if you need more. We will be glad to provide additional information if needed.  You may call ______________________ if you have questions or if I can be of any help to your faculty, staff or students. Please register my name and property in housing information you provide for students, staff and faculty and use the following contact information.

Owner/Manager _______________________ Phone _________________

Property Address _____________________________________________

Website Address _____________________________________________

Email ______________________________________________________


Rental Manager

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