Leasing Forms and Addendums

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Your rental agreement states that monthly rent payments will be paid the first of each month.  In the past, we have accepted rent payments made after the due date as a courtesy to you, not as a modification to your rental agreement.

From now on, however, we must insist on prompt payment as stated in your rental agreement. This will allow management to properly budget and cover all mortgages and expenses to run and manage this property, so that we will not be subject to losing the property to foreclosure or additional charges by our creditors that will force us to have to raise the monthly rent. Please let this letter serve as written notification that, in the future, you must follow the terms of your rental agreement requiring monthly rent payments to be made on the first of each month or other date(s) mutually agreed to. 

All provisions of the rental agreement will be strictly enforced.  Beginning ____________________________, your rent payment must be made on time pursuant to your rent agreement. Any payment made after the due date will be considered late.  If monthly rent payments are made after the due date, you will be subject to additional rent or a late charge of $____________. The management also reserves its right to take all proper legal action against you pursuant to the rental agreement and the laws of the state. May we suggest that you sign up for one of our Auto-Pay worry free methods of paying rent that will help to insure that payments are made before the due date, and you will never have to worry about having to pay additional rent or late charges. If you have any questions, or wish to set up an Auto-Pay plan, please feel free to call our office ________________________________.
We look forward to your cooperation.                              

Rental Manager

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