Application and Verification

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To (Current Landlord/Manager of Applicant):____________________________

From (Possible Future Landlord of Applicant): ______________________________

Dear Landlord or Manager:

            The following applicant, _______________________________, has applied for rental at on of our homes or apartments. The applicant gives permission, with their signature below, for you to verify the amount of security deposit now being held on the applicants behalf.  The applicant also authorizes and the terms of your rental agreement.  Your agreement to transfer the deposit is part of the terms under which we will accept the applicant.  Therefore, we need to verify that this transfer of the security deposit is acceptable and agreeable with you.  Please complete the items below and return this form by mail directly to us, at the following address ________________________________________________________________,

so that we may complete the application process for the applicant.

We thank you very much for your cooperation and will notify you if the applicant is accepted and inform you of how and where the deposit is to be transferred.


Amount of deposit now being held by current landlord?  $ _________________

In which bank are the funds presently held? ____________________________

Is there any reason (unpaid rent or damages) that you know of now, that would prevent the full or part of the security deposit not be available for transfer to us at the end of the rental term? ______

Will you be able to transfer the security deposit within two weeks after the end of the applicants rent term with you? _____  If not, how long do you anticipate it will take to transfer and mail the funds directly to us? ___________________

Signature of Current Landlord/Manager ____________________ Date ________


I have applied to rent a dwelling from the following prospective landlord: ________________________________________________________.

I authorize and give permission for my current landlord/manager to verify the amount of the security deposit presently being held on my behalf and to supply the prospective landlord with the information requested above.  I also authorize the transfer of my full security deposit directly to the prospective landlord upon completion of my current rental term.  I further understand that if the full deposit is not transferred, for whatever reason, the my application with the prospective landlord may be denied.

Applicant's signature __________________________________ Date __________

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