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As part of our management program, we make regular inspections of your residence so that it remains safe for you, your family and guests.  Please allow one of our managers to view the interior of your home during the next safety check scheduled for the week of ____________________.

We also need your assistance in helping to keep your home safe. Let us know anything you see in or around your home which may be a hazard or dangerous to you, a family member or guests.  We will then inspect your residence and do all we can to make your home safer.  After your home is inspected for safety one of the managers will have a copy of this letter for you to sign.  If, right now, everything appears safe to the best of your knowledge, please sign below and mail this letter back to us with your next payment. If there are any unsafe conditions, let us know that as well. Mail this letter to the following address: _________________________________________________________

Thank you for your cooperation,

Rental Management


The following to be checked by the resident and returned to the management.

___ As of this date there are NOT any unsafe conditions in or around my home.

___ There is a condition that I believe is unsafe. That condition is described as follows:


Name                                                                                                              Date _________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

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