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(Receive up to $100 cash bonus!)

It is the policy of ______________________________________________ (where state law permits) to pay current residents a referral fee for directing new GOOD residents to our rental properties. Since these people may become your neighbors, we wish to insure that only qualified residents are accepted. We are also looking to rent to applicants who will abide by all terms of the rental agreement (including not disturbing the peace of neighbors). Toward this end we are paying the current resident (who refers a new resident) a bounty of $100 subject to the following conditions:

1) All incoming prospective residents are subject to the normal screening process. We appreciate your assistance in referring someone, but please understand that the ultimate selection of the next resident is at the sole discretion of the landlord or his designated representative. The screening process consists of a rental application, a nonrefundable $____ screening fee and a background check. All applicants are screened for previous evictions, criminal history, and a credit check is performed.

2) The new resident must pay on time for the first six months.  This means the rent payment is to be to the landlord by the due date EVERY month during that time period. There must not  be any neighbor complaints of record against the new resident.

3) The referring resident must also be current with his or her rent at the time of the referral and must pay rent on time during the same six months as the new resident. And there must not be any neighbor complaints of regard against the referring resident.

The bonus payment will be paid to the referring resident in the following manner:

$50 paid immediately after the new resident is approved and moves into the property. At the end of the first six month period of occupancy by the new resident, an additional $50 will be delivered to the referring resident if all conditions have been met. If conditions have not been met, the referring resident will owe the landlord a refund for the first $50 of the bonus previously given.

Date of 1st bonus payment _____ 2nd payment due (if conditions met) _______

Owner _____________________________________ Date: _______________

Referring Resident ___________________________ Date: _______________  

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