Retention/Turnover/Marketing Forms

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Please answer the following questions so that we may better serve you. Complete each question and return in the enclosed or attached self-addressed stamped envelope.  In thanks, you will receive, as our holiday gift to you, ____________________________.

1) We have lived here __ 0-6 mths __ 6-12 mths __ 1yr __2 yrs __ 3 yrs __ longer

2) How did you first find about the residence you are now living in?


3) What two things do you most like about your residence or the area you live in?


4) What do you like the least about your residence?


5) How have your concerns or requests been taken care of? __ satisfactory __ not satisfactory

6) Is there a concern that has still not been taken care of?  If so, what?


7) Name three local stores/businesses you go to often? (i.e., supermarket, laundromat, dry cleaners, medical office, pharmacy, barber/beauty salon, hardware store, bottled water supplier)

            1.______________________________ 2.________________________________

8) Which school does your child or children attend?


9) Where are two places you go for recreation? (i.e., rec center, health spa, club, restaurant, country club, theater, library, bookstore, church socials, bowling alley, etc.)

            1.______________________________ 2. _______________________________           

10) Of the following rental "extras" or upgrades,  check the item or services below that you would like  us to offer next year and would be willing to pay extra rent or a service fee for each month.

            Computer                     ____                Renters Insurance                    ____

            Ceiling Fan                  ____                Internet Access                        ____        

            Mini Satellite Dish.      ____                Garage/Extra Storage               ____

            Water Filter System      ____                Monthly Cable TV Service      ____

            Extra Phone Jack         ____                Weekly  House Cleaning                     ____

            Color TV or VCR        ____                Tele. Answering Service                      ____

            Microwave Oven         ____                Lawn Service                           ____   

            Choice of Wall Color   ____                Grocery Home Delivery                      ____               

            Fax Machine                ____                Flood Lights Front/Side                        ____

            New Door or Screen    ____                Alarm Monitoring Service        ____   

            Additional Door Lock  ____                Other Upgrade/Service_________________

Once the form has been downloaded, you can edit it for your specific needs, therefore it is always recommended that you SAVE A COPY of the original download BEFORE making any changes to it. (See instructions below.)

Download and Edit Instructions - (Easy Peasy)
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2. Select "Save File" and click OK
3. Go to your Downloads folder, select the file for your form
4. Once the forms Opens, go to "File" Menu and select "Save"
5. After saving Form in original format, you can edit as needed, if needed.
6. To save edits, go to "File" Menu & select "Save As" to title the new Form.