Leasing Forms and Addendums

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Previous Balance (Prior to Current Month)                $___________________

Current Month "A" (Now Past Due)                               $_________________

Late Charge - Month "A"                                                     $___________________

Next Month "B" Rent                                                            $___________________

Following Month "C" Rent                                                $__________________

TOTAL RENT DUE WITHIN NEXT 60 DAYS         $__________________

Number of Paydays in the next 60 days

(Prior to due date for month "C" rent)                         __________________

Amount Due Each Payday

(Divide total rent due by # of paydays)                     $__________________

Dates of Paydays within next 60 days           Amount Paid   On-tme:

Prior to due date for month "C"                                             Yes/No

______________________________            ________        ________

______________________________            ________        ________

______________________________            ________        ________

______________________________            ________        ________

______________________________            ________        ________

______________________________            ________        ________

______________________________            ________        ________

The resident agrees to pay rent monies due according to the above payment schedule.   If the resident fails to pay amount due on or before any of the agreed dates, the owner has the right to continue the legal eviction procedure against the resident without having to serve another pay or quit notice.  The resident has already been served.  The resident has been given extra time to pay only as a courtesy.  By granting this extension, the landlord does not waive any current or future rights granted in the rental agreement, especially as it relates to rights to terminate this agreement and eviction for non-timely paments of rents.

Resident ________________________________ Date ___________________

Owner/Manager __________________________ Date____________________

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