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We want to make sure your family's belongings are protected against fire or theft during the time you are residing in our property. Please be advised therefore, that the insurance we carry for our building, only covers the building itself against fire. Our insurance does not cover your property in the event of fire or burglary. If your child breaks a neighbor's window or your guest is accidently injured because of a hazard you allowed to be left on your property, there is a lot you can lose by not having insurance.

Many tenants are unaware that rental policies by the owner of the property do not protect them or their personal belongings against such calamities.  To fully protect yourself, it is suggested that you get a renter's insurance policy, which most insurance

companies provide. Your most likely loss would come from theft, vandalism or fire. How much is your entertainment system worth? What about your jewelry or other valuable possessions? In the event of a fire, do you know that all your furniture, clothing and other posssessions probably add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Many rental residents have learned through a tragedy that they lost everything because they did not buy renters insurance.

Here's the good news. If you are already  carrying auto insurance, adding renters insurance through the same company may cost you very little more. Most insurance companies offer a "multipolicy" discount if you add renters insurance to your current policy. This will save you some money.

We can recommend a company that provides renter's insurance at a reasonable rate. We even allow you to pay your renters insurance in installment payments with your next three rent pay-ments. Let is know if you wish this option for obtaining renters insurance. Whatever you do, don't put your family's personal property at risk. Renters insurance is something you do not want to be without. It's well worth it.

All you need to do is contact us or an insurance agent today (e.g., the one you brought auto insurance from). If you are not currently working with an insurance agent, below is the name and phone number of an agent that should be able to assist you. ____________________________  Be sure to tell him or her that you were referred by ___________________________

During the year we may have representatives from the insurance company, that has coverage on the building, visit the dwelling for an inspection and take pictures of the property's condition.

We always ask the insurance company to give us advance notice so we may inform you ahead of time.  We would appreciate your cooperation when we call on you.


Rental Manager

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