Retention/Turnover/Marketing Forms

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ADDRESS_______________________________ APT #__________

CITY, STATE, ZIP________________________________________

LEASE EXPIRATION DATE_________________________________


The resident at the above address has requested permission to relet their rental residence.

The resident understands that in order for the owner to consider granting permission for reletting the premises, the CURRENT RESIDENT must agree to and comply with the following terms:

  1. The resident is responsible for any advertising costs incurred.
  2. The resident is responsible to show the premises and find the new resident.

However, the new prospective resident must complete a rental application and be approved by the owner. The owner has the sole right to accept or reject this resident per their current credit and selection criteria.

  1. Until a new resident has been accepted, signed a rental agreement, paid the first month's rent for the premises, plus a deposit and accepted the keys, the current resident is not released from their obligations according to the rental agreement. In addition, should a new resident be found, but for whatever reason cancel or not be able to fulfill the initial obligations required to move in, the current resident is still obligated to fulfill all responsibilities under his/her rental agreement.
  2. If a new resident is accepted, the current resident agrees to have deducted from their deposit, monies that may be necessary to clean or repair the premises and move out at least ____ days prior to the new resident's move-in date.
  3. The current resident understands that he/she will be charged a reletting fee of $_______.
  4. The current resident will turn in his/her keys and a forwarding address to the owner and under no circumstances give a copy of any to the new resident.
  5. The current resident agrees to pay rent according to the terms of the agreement up until the new resident's move-in date.
  6. The current resident understands that the security deposit is refundable provided that the resident has complied with the  terms herein, and have no unpaid charges of any kind and is not in violation of the rental agreement.

THE NEW RESIDENT, if accepted, must agree to the following terms:

  1. The new reletting resident must pay a full month's rent in advance and a security deposit.
  2. The new resident must  sign a rental agreement.
  3. Accept the rental rate of $________ and accept the rental "as is" and agree that it is in satisfactory condition with no immediate repairs needed, unless stated __________________________.
  4. Understand that the terms are a month to month agreement, and that the owner may change the terms of the agreement by providing a ________ day notice to the resident.

Above terms are accepted by the following parties:

Current Resident ___________________________________ Date _______________       

New Resident _____________________________________ Date _______________       

Owner/Manager____________________________________ Date _______________

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