Leasing Forms and Addendums

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Resident: _________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________


Resident has received the following number of keys.

Entrance door keys _______

Other keys _______ for the following ____________________________

Resident acknowledges receipt of the keys referred to above for the premises indicated. Resident has also given a key deposit of $_____.  Loss of  any keys should  be reported immediately to the landlord or manager.  It is understood that the tenant will not add any additional locks or make any lock changes or additional keys without the landlords specific written permission.  It is further understood that if the resident is permitted to rekey or adds/changes the locks, a set of new keys will immediately be given to the landlord.  At the end of the rental relationship, and once keys are all returned, the key deposit will be returned within _____ days, as long as:

  1. a) the locks are in working order and have not been damaged, changed, or replaced, and
  2. b) all of the residents financial obligations to the landlord and responsibilities for returning the premises to the owner have been satisfied, according to the terms of the rental agreement.

The resident acknowledges receipt of the copy of this statement. 

Signed/Resident __________________________________  Date ___________________

Signed/Landlord/Manager___________________________  Date __________________


Once the form has been downloaded, you can edit it for your specific needs, therefore it is always recommended that you SAVE A COPY of the original download BEFORE making any changes to it. (See instructions below.)

Download and Edit Instructions - (Easy Peasy)
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