Application and Verification

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One of your current or former residents have applied to rent a property that I manage. The resident has given me your name and permission to ask if you could please verify a few quick things regarding his rental with you with. This would be a big help to him or her. May I?

1) Can you verify that if the resident is or was paying you $650 per month in rent?

(Please note, ask the former landlord to verify an amount that is actually different (by $50 or $100)  than the amount stated by the applicant on the rental application. The purpose of this initial question is to see very quickly if you are dealing with a landlord who will be honest with you and not just trying to get rid of a tenant. If the landlord does not correct you about the amount of rent paid, you know that you either have a landlord willing to lie to you or a friend just pretending to be the landlord. No need to ask any further questions). Just simply say; Thank you, you've been very helpful.

2) How many weeks advance notice has the resident given you that he is moving?

3 Is the resident currently up-to-date with their payment?

4) Has the resident been late once or more than once during the last 12 months?

5) Has the resident ever been late more than 30 days?

6) How many months/years did the resident reside in your property?

7) Is the resident vacating early before the full term or end of his agreement?

8) Did you receive any complaints of any kind from neighbors regarding the resident?

9) How many pets did the resident have on the premises? Was the animal(s) there with your permission?

10) Were there any complaints from the neighbors regarding pets or animals?

11) Have you had to give a notice to the resident for any reason during the last 12 months because of a rental violation? If so, what rental violation was the notice for?

12) Was the resident asked to move because of nonpayment or for breaking one of the lease terms? Or is the moving voluntarily?

13) Did or will you have to withhold any deposit to cover any unpaid rent or damages?

14) Did or will you have to repaint or clean the carpets after the resident vacates?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

(Please note that these were all objective questions, wherein the answers could be easily documented. Do not put other landlords or managers in a position where you are seeking subjective answers that can not be easily documented or defended, i.e; what kind of resident were they? Or was he or she a good tenant?).

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