Application and Verification

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DATE OF THIS AGREEMENT _____________________________

I have completed a rental application and request to be placed on the priority waiting list of rentals owned or managed by  __________________________________________.

I was referred to your rental by ___________________________________________.

In consideration for being placed on the waiting list, I agree to pay a $____ fee. 

I understand that his fee will be applied toward the rent to total move-in costs.  This fee is also to hold an upcoming rental at the following address or one of the following addresses _____________________________________________________________________

or __________________________________________________________________

Or to hold the next rental available that matches the housing needs listed below: 

Within 10 mile from ____________________________________________

Number of bedrooms ___________________________

Number of bathrooms ___________________________

Appliances needed _____________________________

Rental price range ______________________________

Additional need(s) ______________________________

I agree to move into the rental address above or another available rental that matches my housing needs and pay required move-in costs, within 48 hours after offered to me.  I understand that if I fail to pay total move-in costs or fail to move into the rental offered within specified time period, (for whatever reason), the waiting list fee will be forfeited.  However, if the owner/manager is unable to provide the rental listed above or another rental matching my requested needs within 90 days of the date of this agreement, my waiting list fee will be refunded in full.

Future Resident _______________________________Date________________

Future Resident _______________________________Date________________


Once the form has been downloaded, you can edit it for your specific needs, therefore it is always recommended that you SAVE A COPY of the original download BEFORE making any changes to it. (See instructions below.)

Download and Edit Instructions - (Easy Peasy)
1. Click the blue link in the Download Box above, a window will open
2. Select "Save File" and click OK
3. Go to your Downloads folder, select the file for your form
4. Once the forms Opens, go to "File" Menu and select "Save"
5. After saving Form in original format, you can edit as needed, if needed.
6. To save edits, go to "File" Menu & select "Save As" to title the new Form.