Leasing Forms and Addendums

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Address ______________________________________________________________

Date _____________________________________

Dear ________________________________________:

We can only accept partial payment if you understand and acknowledge that your rent was due on ______________________ and that making partial payment does not waive our right according to the Rental Agreement to begin or continue with legal proceedings without further demand of notice.

We do appreciate your efforts in fulfilling your obligation and it will help with your credit standing with our company.  If your partial payment proposal is satisfactory, we will work with you.  However, if this occurs more often or if you fail to do as you propose, we will immediately begin legal proceedings without further notice leading to your eviction.

As you know, your total rent now past due is                                                 which includes ____________________________________________________.

How do you propose to pay this complete amount?

            $                                  Date                                          

            $                                  Date                                          

Please sign below, giving your agreement to the above terms and acknowledging that you understand that you have violated the lease agreement and partial payment does not stop us from continuing legal proceedings.

Resident(s)                                                                     Date                                                  

Owner                                                                            Date                                                   

Once the form has been downloaded, you can edit it for your specific needs, therefore it is always recommended that you SAVE A COPY of the original download BEFORE making any changes to it. (See instructions below.)

Download and Edit Instructions - (Easy Peasy)
1. Click the blue link in the Download Box above, a window will open
2. Select "Save File" and click OK
3. Go to your Downloads folder, select the file for your form
4. Once the forms Opens, go to "File" Menu and select "Save"
5. After saving Form in original format, you can edit as needed, if needed.
6. To save edits, go to "File" Menu & select "Save As" to title the new Form.