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Address: ________________________________________________________________
According to your rental agreement, owner/manager may enter the property you are renting, to perform part of the management duties. This is only done after giving a reasonable notice of at least 24 hours in advance.

We are therefore sending this letter to notify you at least 24 hours in advance that the owner/manager intend to enter the premises you are renting at the above address noted above for the purpose of: ________________________________________.

Approximate time of entrance:__________________________________

Estimated duration of stay:_____________________________________.

If you will be available at the above time, please let the owner/manager know. However, it is not necessary that you be available on the premises at the time of entry. Owner/manager, after knocking to determine if anyone is home, will use a passkey to gain entrance.

Change of Lock Notice: If the landlord/owner or designee is unable to enter because resident has changed or rekeyed locks, landlord will use a locksmith to open door and locks will be rekeyed. A new key will be given to resident who will be charged for the service.

You are always welcome to be present at the time of entry. If you have any questions or if the date or time listed above is inconvenient, please notify us by the following date ______________________ so that we could attempt to schedule an alternative time that would be better for you. You may call us are between ____ and _____ on the following days______________________________. Our phone number is _______________. Though we will need to enter the dwelling no later than _____________________.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Signed:__________________________________  Date:__________________

Delivered in person by:_______________________


Date:____________________________  Time:__________________________

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