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From:   __________________________________

Date:   __________________________________

To:       __________________________________



Dear    __________________________________

             We have received your Intent To Vacate Notice, and we appreciate that you are following the steps necessary so that you can be entitled to receive as much security deposit as possible refunded back to you. As part of the requirements to have your deposit refunded, this letter is sent to remind you that your rental agreement requires that the premises be left clean and undamaged. Not only would we like to refund your deposit, but we would also like to give an additional $50 bonus if, with your cooperation, we get a new resident who signs a rental agreement to begin renting the premises within 48 hours after you vacate. To let you know how you can best cooperate with us and to make the cleaning requirement as clear as possible, we have provided the following checklist:

* Remove any unwanted items from the building and set them outside for trash pick-up on appropriate day prior to your final move-out. Please note that you may need to contact the appropriate sanitation office at the following number _________________ to make special arrangements for removal of large items. If you leave any items in the premises or outside that have not been removed after you vacate, the owner will have items removed and you will be held responsible for the cost of removal which will be deducted from your security deposit.

* Please have the property looking clean and neat several days before you vacate, so that it looks presentable when we show it to prospective residents. We ask for your complete cooperation in allowing us to show the property. If we attempt to contact you for a showing and cant reach you, we ask for permission to enter the premises.

* Feel free to recommend any persons you know who may wish to move into the premises you are vacating. Have them call us at the following number _________________________.

* Remove all food and items from the cabinets and the refrigerator

* Clean all the appliances including the stove, oven and refrigerator..

* Replace any missing or burned out light bulbs.

* Remove all items off the walls and sweep or vacuum all floors.

* Lock all doors and windows when you vacate and leave/bring the keys in/to the following

location _________________________________.

We will inspect the property after you have alerted us that the property has been vacated. We will check to insure that it has been left clean and undamaged. If we have to have to hire someone to clean or repair damages, you  will be notified of any charges to your deposit. Hopefully that will not be necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Rental Manager

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