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The presence of Mold can create health ailments and/or hazards for you or other occupants or guest visiting the lease premises. We therefore request that residents be responsible for preventing mold growth in your property, and not create or ignore conditions that can lead to mold growth. This can be done in several ways as outlined below. Resident agrees to be responsible for the following terms in regard to maintenance of their leased premises and mold prevention. This addendum becomes part of, or is incorporated into, the rental agreement. Failure to comply with any of the items listed is a violation of the rental agreement, grounds for eviction, and the resident may be held liable for any damages resulting from your failure to comply. Thank you for your cooperation.

1) Resident is responsible to report (in writing) any water leaks to the owner or manager.

2) Resident is responsible to remove any excess or accumulation of moisture (which mold needs to grow). This responsibility includes not allowing any standing water to remain present in the interior of the premises. Also to report any standing water in common areas (if applicable).

3) Since mold also needs a food source to grow, the resident is responsible for keeping their property clean (especially kitchen area) and free of food sources which may allow mold to grow.

4) Resident is responsible for keeping the humidity and climate in the leased premises at reasonable levels. In addition, resident is responsible to report the malfunction of any heating, air-conditioning or ventilation system that can affect the humidity or climate levels.

5) Resident is responsible for removal of mold growth on the property.

6) Resident is responsible for reporting, in writing, any mold growth on the premises that they are not able to clean or remove. The Owner or manager reserves the right and the option to hire someone to remove mold growth and the resident will be billed for the expense.

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