Leasing Forms and Addendums

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 We recognize the tremendous contributions given by those who serve in our armed forces. We realize that military orders may require military personnel and/or their family to move and we are glad to work with all rental residents who are active in the military, should that become necessary. According to the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Right Act of 1940, residents who are currently active in military service or who enter military service after signing a rental agreement or lease have a federally legislated right to be able to terminate their agreement provided certain conditions are met. Management requires that steps are taken as outlined below  and that the resident agrees to the following terms:

 1) Residents must mail written notice of their intent to terminate their tenancy for military reasons to the landlord or manager.

 2) The termination notice must give the exact date of when resident plans to move out.

 3) Once a notice of intent to move is mailed or delivered, the tenancy will terminate 30 days after the next rent due date. This means that if the next rent due date is March 1st, and the resident mails a notice on February 25, the tenancy will terminate on April 1st (30 days after March 1st).

 4) Mail any notice or communication to the landlord or manager at the following address, _________________________________________________________

 5)  Allow the owner to show the premises  to any prospective resident anytime during the following hours __________________________. If the resident can't be reached after the Owner or manager has made a good-faith effort to do so, owner or manager may enter and show the rental.

 6)  Promptly return the keys to the owner and completely move and vacate the premises on or before the date stated in your termination notice.

 7) Leave the rental in a clean condition and free of any and all damages.

 8) Provide a forwarding address to the Owner prior to vacating the rental, so that the security deposit can be returned, provided that the resident has complied with the above terms and provided that there are no unpaid outstanding charges of any kind due from the resident and that there are no damages to the property.

 Resident's Signature __________________________________ Date______________

Owner/Manager's Signature_____________________________ Date______________

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