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RETENTION/TURNOVER/MARKETING - Marketing Letter to Local Business


Personnel or Relocation Director







             Thanks for permitting me to share briefly with you over the phone about the rental homes or apartment building our company, ____________________,  manages that is located near your company. Your employees would greatly appreciate and benefit from the nearness of our rental to your business location. Studies have found that employees who live near where they work, will be more likely to stay at their place of employment longer and be more productive at work. Our rental is only ___ miles from your company.

             We are glad that you will include our rental on your listing of housing choices available for employees and personnel moving into the area. As we may have mentioned over the phone, anytime one of your employees rent from us, we donate $100 to your company or to the charity of your choice. The type of rental we presently have available is a ________________________________________________________________. Included in the rental, we offer___________________________________________. Rental rates, depending on amenity preferences, start at $____________ per month. . Short-term company leases can also be arranged. We work with both large and small companies with just a few employees. We can provide furnished rentals complete with linens and small appliances.

             Any employee who presents a copy of one of the letters we've enclosed when applying for our rental will receive a $______ credit toward their first months rent if accepted. Along with letters to distribute directly to employees, wee have also enclosed a flyer that you can post on employee bulletin boards. Please feel free to call our office at ____________________,  if you have any questions, to request additional letters or flyers or would like to set up an appointment to view our rental. Ill follow-up with you as well to see if its possible to set up a time when I can briefly  address your employees directly, in a group setting, about our available housing.


Rental Manager

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