Retention/Turnover/Marketing Forms

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RETENTION/TURNOVER/MARKETING - Marketing Letter to Brokers


From:   _________________________



Date:   _________________________

Dear    _________________________,

                        I would like to introduce myself . My name is ____________________.  I own and manage rental properties located in the following neighborhood(s) ____________________________________________________.

             I would like to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship with your company. I wanted to ask if you would consider referring individuals who may be interested in renting my properties. I would be glad to pay a half month rent referral  fee when a client of yours signs a rental agreement for one of my properties. I just ask that you, or the client, inform us before or at the time of application that he or she was referred by you. If you offer additional marketing or leasing assistance that can help me find suitable residents, I'd very much like to hear what services you offer.

             A rental property that I currently have available for rent, (or will be vacant soon), is located at _____________________________________. The following is a description of the property: _______________________________________________________.

The rental rate price range is _______________________.

             I welcome the opportunity to discuss your possible assistance and give you more information about my properties or discuss any questions you may have about the rentals I own and manage. Again, I'm looking for assistance in finding suitable residents through any referrals you may send or by directly marketing and leasing my available rental. Though I'm not currently looking for a company to handle all management responsibilities, I may need such assistance in the future.  Please call me at ________________________.


Rental Manager

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