Leasing Forms and Addendums

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(on application, residents gave permission to contact emergency contacts

for financial assistance if needed)





Dear Mr./Mrs.                                                                      

I write to you with regret because I have had so much difficulty trying to resolve the following matter on my own.  Perhaps your wisdom and life experience will help to resolve your (son's/daughter's) failing credit worthiness before it is too late.

I rented an apartment to                                                                  on                              .  As you can see from the attached paperwork, I have had difficulties trying to collect all the rent due during the tenancy.  I sought to work with ______________ through the financial challenges and even offered them a list of churches and community agencies that may have been able to assist them.  I am not a hard-nosed, non-caring kind of person, who is hard to get along with.  My nature is quite the contrary.

It was mutually agreed by all of us that I would let the rental agreement be broken so that  ______________________ could move to a  less expensive rental.  With a promise on my part to work with them to accept payment, I really believed in their honesty.  The last thing I wanted to pursue was any legal action or eviction proceedings.  Those legal matters do nothing more than cost every body additional money and take up valuable time in our lives.  I come from a family tradition that really believes in working with others if they stick to their promises and continue to make an effort to fulfill their obligations.  But it seems that no such efforts were made in this case.

I have attached the most current letter I have been forced to send to                                     because I just have not had any response from them.  You were listed on their original application as a reliable reference and emergency contact in case of any financial problems.  With your experience in life, you know how devastating a negative credit report can be these days when it gets in the way of a young person trying to get ahead in life.  Perhaps a word or two from you folks would help resolve this matter before the  ____________ deadline given on the attached form. I have done all I can to help so far.  I will be more than happy to speak with you or you can write me at the address above.

Yours truly,

Rental Owner

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