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Dear  ___________________________________:

            I am writing to ask for your help in keeping expenses to a minimum by simply completing the lower portion of this letter and returning it to me with your next rent payment.

            The City of                                                  has what is called a Sewer User Fee.  This is a fee charged (to me) for the use of the city's sewer system and is paid in addition to the water bills.  The amount of the Sewer User Fee is determined by the amount of water used during the winter months.  Needless to say, the lower the water consumption, the lower the Sewer User Fee.

            Therefore, to keep expenses (and, ultimately, your rent) as low as possible, I am asking you to check to see if your toilet runs continually and check each of your water faucets, as well as those not in your living areas (i.e, basement or exterior faucets), for leaks.  Then circle the appropriate faucet below along with any notes about the problem and return the lower portion of this letter me at ________________________________. If you find that none of your faucets leak, please circle yes on the last question and return it.  If the form is not returned, it will be necessary for us to have someone inspect your apartment or house.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation




Your Address:                                                                                                    

Any Leaks?     Which Faucet  Aprx. Amount of Leakage?  How long?

Kitchen Sink   Hot      Cold                                                                      

Bathroom Sinks          Hot      Cold                                                                        

Bathtub/Shower          Hot      Cold                                                                        

Toilet                           Cold                                                                         

Other (i.e., drain) Specify Location                                                                          

All faucets okay?  YES          Checked by:                              Date:                

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