Leasing Forms and Addendums

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(NOTE:  To be given to new, renewing and late tenants)


Dear Resident:

Your rent is due on the                        day of the month.  I'm sure you fully understand that we must start eviction proceedings immediately once a payment is late (no matter the reason) and report your late payment to both local and national tenant/credit reporting agencies.  We still request, however, that you submit your reason for late payment for our records.  For your convenience, and to avoid lengthy explanation, you may simply check the appropriate reason below and submit this form with your late payment.  Hopefully, this form and your payment will be received before you're evicted.  Even better, your payment will arrive on-time and you will not need this form


___       A. The check I've been waiting for did not come in the mail or was late.

___       B.  I was in the hospital/jail and I couldn't get to you.

___       C.  I missed a week's work because I had to take care of my sick mother/son/daughter.

___       D.  I had to have some teeth pulled and the dentist won't start work until I give some money.

___       E.  I was in an automobile accident and I won't have any money until my attorney works things out with the other    guy's insurance.

___       F.  I had my billfold stolen when this guy jumped me on my way to the bank/post-office/my office.

___       G. Someone broke into my apartment and took my money. No, I didn't file a police report. Should I?

___       H.  I had to have my car fixed so I could get to work, so I could pay you.

___       I.   My mother/sister/uncle hasn't mailed me my money yet.

___       J.  I couldn't find your address.  I put the wrong address on the envelope.

___       K. I got laid off from my job and I won't get unemployment for a couple of weeks.

___       L.  I was not able to get a money order and I know you didn't want me to send cash.

___       M. You didn't come by when I had the money.

___       N.  My husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate left and I didn't have all the money.

___       O. They garnished my check and I don't understand it, because the guy told me it would be okay to just pay so much per month and I only missed a couple of payments.

___       P. I told my friend to bring it or send it to you while I was out of town.

___       Q. I haven't received my tax refund yet.

___       R. I got a new job, and I had to work three weeks before I got my first check.

___       S. I didn't pay the rent because my ____________________ is not fixed.  No, I'm sorry I didn't tell you there was                a problem before now. I didn't think about it until now.

___       T. My car is broken and I didn't have a ride to your office/the post office.

___       U. I had to help my brother/sister/friend who had a serious problem.

___       V. My grandmother died and I had to go to the funeral.

___       W. I didn't have, or I forgot to put, a stamp on the envelope.

___       X. The check's in the mail,  Didn't you get it?

___       Y. I ran out of checks.

___       Z. I'm dead!

___                    Please briefly explain if your excuse is not listed above:


Once the form has been downloaded, you can edit it for your specific needs, therefore it is always recommended that you SAVE A COPY of the original download BEFORE making any changes to it. (See instructions below.)

Download and Edit Instructions - (Easy Peasy)
1. Click the blue link in the Download Box above, a window will open
2. Select "Save File" and click OK
3. Go to your Downloads folder, select the file for your form
4. Once the forms Opens, go to "File" Menu and select "Save"
5. After saving Form in original format, you can edit as needed, if needed.
6. To save edits, go to "File" Menu & select "Save As" to title the new Form.