Leasing Forms and Addendums

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It is not Management's wish to restrict your enjoyment of your residence; however, Management must consider the rights and privileges of everyone.  We are informing you that your garbage has not been kept in a proper manner from time to time. The following is one such example _________________________________________________. This is in violation of the Lease agreement.

Though it may not always be easy to keep garbage on the premises in a proper manner, we must ask for your assistance and cooperation. Remember that spilled garbage can attract mice and other animals such as cats, dogs and raccoons, etc.  Please put your garbage in a garbage can WITH A LID ON TOP.  Or tie garbage in a PLASTIC BAG  (no paper bags are to be used).  We cannot allow garbage to be spilled or lying about the premises.  We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in this manner.

Remember that you are responsible for your own garbage.  You must keep refuse and garbage in a clean and sanitary manner.  We also ask Residents and their guests not to litter on the premises.  Do not let this jeopardize your Lease.

We ask each Resident to keep the garbage pickup area clean at curb or alley and at the place of weekly storage.  We realize that sometimes papers and debris that belong to someone else end up on the premises.  Please help pick up these papers so the property is nicer looking.  Thank you for promptly (daily) picking up newspapers or flyers that are placed on or near your door which is part of each resident's responsibilities.

We trust that Management will not have to notify you about any more garbage problems.  However, be aware that if it continues to happen and you fail to comply with the Rules and Regulations, you will place yourself in further default of your Lease Agreement.  Of course, default is a serious matter which could result in legal action being initiated against you.

An additional note: If Resident forgets to place their garbage out for the WEEKLY pickup, Management requests that Resident immediately remove their garbage from the premises at Resident's own expense. Management will have the right to terminate the Lease Agreement for non-compliance.

Please remember to retrieve your garbage cans soon after the garbage is picked up. If applicable, residents shall use Garbage Bins in accordance with the City Ordinances. If you have any questions, please call _______________________. 

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Rental Manager

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