Application and Verification

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Co-Signer Agreement

          This agreement is between  __________________________________________, resident(s), __________________________________________, owner(s) and  __________________________________, cosigner(s).

This agreement is entered into on the following date                                     , and forms part of the rental agreement between resident and owner listed above for the leased premises at the following address _________________________________________________________________.

            The cosigner has completed a separate rental application for the purpose of permitting the Owner to check the cosigners creditworthiness, including running a credit report.

            Though the cosigner has no intention of occupying the leased premises, which would/wouldn't be a violation of the rental agreement; the cosigner agrees to be liable (if resident does not pay in a timely manner) for any of the resident's financial obligations of the rental agreement. Those obligations include, but are not limited to; unpaid rent, property damage, cleaning and repair charges, and legal fees that exceed the resident's security deposit.

            Though the owner has no legal obligation to report to the cosigner any non payment of financial obligation by the resident, both the resident and the cosigner understand that the owner reserves to right to send notices to the cosigner of residents failure to meet any financial obligations of the rental agreement. Prompt payment by the cosigner who receive notice of pending legal action may help to avoid additional legal or court costs.

            If any legal proceedings arise out of the rental agreement, the prevailing party shall recover reasonable attorney fees, court costs and reasonable fees necessary to collect a judgment. Hopefully with the assistance of the cosigner, these added expenses will not be necessary.

Resident's signature____________________________________________ Date______________________

Cosigner's signature____________________________________________ Date______________________

Owner's signature_____________________________________________ Date______________________

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