Leasing Forms and Addendums

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From:  ______________________________

Date:   ______________________________

To:       ______________________________



Dear                                                        :

            We do regular inspections of the rental property managed by our company.  Your rental agreement clearly states that unauthorized, non-operational, unregistered vehicles or those not displaying required local or state decals/licenses are not allowed on the rental premises, even on a temporary basis. This includes                 _______________                                              .

            On our last inspection of the premises, it was noticed that there was a vehicle on your premises with the following description _______________________________________________________.

This vehicle violates your rental agreement because of the following reason(s):_______________________________________________________.

To be in compliance with your rental agreement and remedy this violation, you are hereby notified that option A below or either one of the following actions must be done within 72 hours or this violation will lead to a notice to terminate of the rental agreement.

  1. A) The vehicle must be removed by .
  2. B) The vehicle must be in fully operational status and display all required local and state decals/licenses.

Please contact us at the following number,                                  , within 72 hours to inform us of your actions regarding this matter. We want very much to have your cooperation with this matter. Be advised that without your cooperation, a towing service will be instructed to remove the vehicle. If you do not wish to have the vehicle towed, remedy the violation by one of the methods previously stated or contact us to make alternative satisfactory arrangements. The cost of removal and storage of the vehicle will be the owner's responsibility.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Rental Manager

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