Application and Verification

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 Dear Rental Applicant:

We take pride in our rental homes. We offer guarantees in regard to your satisfaction and our maintenance responsibilities. And we actively seek only qualified residents to reside in our homes.

We screen our applicants carefully and we completely verify all information provided to us on the rental application. We run a credit report on every applicant, we verify employment and we check previous rental history.

The screening and verification process is used for every applicant the same way -- fairly and consistently. We also work to observe the fair housing laws. An applicant who passes the screening criteria is offered a rental when one is still available. An applicant who does not satisfy the screening criteria is not accepted as a resident.

By making application for one of our rentals, you acknowledge that these verifications will be done, and give us permission to do them. Please completely fill in the rental application. If you do not provide us with complete information, we will not be able to process the application. We will do our best to process your application quickly and normally within a 72 hour period. If you have not heard back from us by then, feel free to contact us. Please read and sign below acknowledging acceptance of the terms of your application. Thank you for making an application for one of our rentals and we hope you will become a long term resident with us.

1)   I have double checked the information I have provided on the rental application and agree that it is true and complete.

2)   I understand that an annual update of the information on this application shall be requested.  I agree to provide updated information and notify landlord or management of any changes (i.e., employment, phone number, bank, car, emergency contact).

3)   My credit report/history is good.  If not, I have attached a separate page to explain any credit problems.

4)   I understand and agree that this application is subject to approval, based on the information on my application. If any of the information I have given turns out to be FALSE, my application will be denied.

5)  I agree to pay a $                 nonrefundable processing fee, plus a $_____ refundable holding deposit to reserve/hold the rental for me until the move-in date, should my application be accepted. If accepted, the holding deposit will be applied toward my move-in costs, including rent and security deposit.

6)   I understand and agree that this application is NOT a lease or rental agreement, and should it be accepted, I will sign the lease provided within                     business day(s) of being accepted.  Should I fail to do so the application shall be considered withdrawn,  there will be no further obligation to reserve the rental and my holding deposit will be forfeited.

7)   I hereby waive any claim for damages if my application is not accepted.

8)   I understand that every good faith effort will be made to have the premises ready for occupancy as promised.  However, should the premises not be available for occupancy on the date promised, I hereby waive any and all rights to seek to recover damages of any kind from the landlord or management company.

9)   I hereby authorize and permit the landlord and/or management company to obtain any information necessary to verify the accuracy of any information or statements I have made in this application.  I authorize and permit my credit report to be obtained and further authorize the landlord or management to make future credit inquiries in regard to continued creditworthiness and for purposes of collection of unpaid rent or damages to premises, should that become necessary.

10) I permit, upon occasion, contact with my employer to verify my employment status during my tenancy.

11)   I shall not hold the landlord or management responsible for any allergic reactions to the premises, inside or outside, from me, other occupants or guests.  I shall check for allergic reactions before signing the Rental Agreement.

12)  I certify that I am not manufacturing, using, storing, or selling dangerous controlled substances, and understand that I will immediately be required to vacate the premises if evidence of such is found on the premises, or if I am convicted of any crimes related to possession and/or distribution of controlled dangerous substances.

13)  I understand and agree that the monthly rent will be $                       and that a monthly rebate/discount/late charge of $              will be awarded or applied if the following conditions are met/not met ______________________________________.

14)  I further understand and agree that the security deposit of $                   is required in full before move-in.  I agree to pay the balance of move-in costs including any deposits or rent totalling $                          within               days of being notified of acceptance.  If I am unable to or fail for whatever reason to pay the balance of the amount due at that time, the application shall be considered withdrawn, and my holding deposit will be forfeited.


APPLICANT'S SIGNATURE:                                                         DATE __________

ADDRESS reserved (subject to approval of application):


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