Leasing Forms and Addendums

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Date:    ______________________

Resident: ______________________

Address: ______________________



 Dear     ______________________:

             Good news for the new year!  We have discovered that many residents would like to have an upgrade or "extra" added to their rentals.  Some are so excited about having upgrades that they prefer to sign up for a  "rental package" that includes or more extras.   As you may know, we conduct regular surveys of our 3-Star residents to make sure we are meeting ALL of your housing related needs. We offer far more than four walls and a floor in our homes and apartments. We have therefore made special arrangements to make available residents any of the following items or services and let you design or customize a rental package for your home to your needs.

             Please indicate o this survey or contact us within the next three days if you would like one of the upgrades listed below added to your custom home for a small monthly rent increase or if you would like a deluxe rental package with three or more extras.  We provide the following items at a rate better than any rental company can offer. Let us know if you find a better rate than we can offer. We will provide upgrades on the first request, first serve basis so call quickly if there is one or more upgrades you really want soon.  In addition, select upgrades can or will become yours to keep after residing a specified number of months.

 ___   Ceiling Fan                                                 ___  Garage Door Opener

___   Air Conditioning (Window Unit) ­    ___  Washer or Dryer

___   Area Rug                                                      ___  Choice of Several Yard Plants or Flower

___   Computer System                                  ___  Additional Door Lock(s)

___   Bathroom Grab Bars                             ___  Additional Parking Space

___   Mini Blinds                                                   ___  Mini Satellite Dish

___   Wall Paper Border (one room)        ___  Freezer

___   Dimmer Switch for lighting               ___  Intercom System

___   Bedroom Furniture                               ___  Additional Storage Space

___   Living or Dining Room Furniture  ___  Renter's Insurance

___   Water Filter System                             ___  Newspaper Delivery

___   Motion Sensor Lights                         ___  Unlimited Internet Access

___   Extra Phone Jack                                   ___  Monthly Cable TV Service

___   Color TV or VCR                                     ___  Weekly House Cleaning Service

___   Microwave Oven                                    ___  Telephone Answering Service

___   Choice of Wall Color                            ___  Yard Service

___   Fax Machine                                           ___  Grocery Home Delivery Service

___   Fancy/Heavy Entry Door                 ___  Alarm Monitoring Service

___   Other Upgrade _______________         ___  Other Service ______________

 ___ Check here if you wish to have one or more of the upgrades or services immediately added to your custom rental home package.

 Phone # __________________________      Best Time to Call _________________

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