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RETENTION/TURNOVER/MARKETING - Anniversary Agenda Checklist



             We like to meet with residents at least once each year to help insure that we continue to meet your housing needs and make sure you are aware of all the housing options that are available to you.  We want YOU to select the agenda for the meeting.  Tell us what you would like to talk about.  We can discuss just one of the following topics or we can discuss as many of the topics as you select.  Or, if you prefer not to meet at this time, just let us know.

             The meeting will take place at your residence on one of the following two dates.  Please let us know which date and time is most convenient for you to meet with us.  Return this checklist to us within the next 3 days so we can schedule the meeting.  Mail or deliver it to the following address ______________________________________________________________.

Which meeting date and time is best for you?

_______________________________ or ______________________________.

Select which topics you would like to discuss at the meeting.

___      Different rent payment plans available. Some residents prefer to pay every two weeks instead of monthly. It is possible to change your payment terms.

___      Future Homebuyer's Program. You may want to buy a home within the next 3 years and apply part of your rent to a homebuyer's account.

___      Any concerns about your current rental home?

___      Receive $100 annual security deposit refund for passing inspections.

___      New upgrade options available for the next year of your 3-Star Program.

___      Transfer location if you're considering move to another size rental home.

___      Prices and rental policies of other homes in the area.

___      Negotiate new rental amount for the upcoming year.

___      Tell-A-Friend Referral Program (How to get free rent or an upgrade)

___      Your evaluation or comments about our maintenance guarantee program.

___      Special services and advantages of out "VIP" Resident Program.

___      Other topic __________________________________________

___      No need to meet at this time. Everything is satisfactory. Thanks!

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