Retention/Turnover/Marketing Forms

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This agreement is entered into on the following date _________________, between ______________________________________ (resident), who leases the premises at the following address ________________________________________________ and __________________________________(owner). 

The resident has asked for permission to break or cancel the rental agreement between the parties on short notice and/or prior to the expiration date of the agreement. The resident wishes to move out by the following date, _____________. In exchange for the owner agreeing to cancel the agreement, the resident agrees to the following terms:


1. To pay the current month rent of $_________ plus an additional amount of $___________.

These payments will be paid by the following date ___________________ .

2. To promptly return the keys to the owner and completely move and vacate the premises on or before the following date _____________________ which shall be considered the cancellation date of this agreement.

3. To provide a forwarding address to the Owner prior to vacating the apartment;

4. To leave the apartment in a clean condition and free of any and all damages;

5. Allow the owner to show the premises  to any prospective resident with as little as one hour notice, anytime during the following hours __________________________. If the resident can't be reached after the Owner or manager has made a good-faith effort to do so, owner or manager may enter and show the rental.

6. The resident hereby forever releases any claim, causes of action which it may have or which shall arise in the future against the owner, its officers, directors, employees or agents arising out of the rental agreement.

7. _____________________________________________________________________

If the resident fulfills the obligations agreed to above, the Owner agrees to:

  1. Release the resident from any further obligation to pay rent.
  2. Not report any poor performance or unfavorable information regarding the resident to any credit or tenant reporting agencies.
  3. Return the security deposit, provided that the resident has complied with the above terms and provided that there are no unpaid outstanding charges of any kind due from the resident and that there are no damages to the property.

 In the event the resident does not fulfill terms above or is in default under any of the terms of the rental agreement, the owner shall have the right to keep and apply the aforesaid cancellation fee toward any damages arising as a result of such default.

Resident's Signature_________________________________ Date ______________ 

Resident's Signature_________________________________ Date ______________ 

Owner's Signature__________________________________ Date ______________

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