About JJ Cohen

JJ Cohen is one of the most respected & successful Real Estate Investors and Coaches in the industry today.

By 21, he was making $100K a year as an Actor and for the next 20 years, would go on to enjoy a successful career, earning well over $1 Million dollars and working with some of Hollywood's Elite - Academy Award Winners Spielberg, Zemeckis, Costner and Cameron Crowe, to name a few.

In 2002, JJ began investing in Real Estate. He came from having no previous experience.

In fact, despite his successful start in life, by 35, having lost everything in the 2000 stock market crash, he was broke, had bad credit, declared bankruptcy, foreclosure and $20K in debt. He had a "nowhere" job at a gym he hated and was sleeping on his mom's couch.

BUT...having a great desire to succeed in Real Estate (and ahem, EAT), his passion for learning that business grew quickly and he turned $30K of borrowed money into $600K in the first few years and "retired" at 42.

JJ is most proud - of JJ Cohen Membership. And his Ma.

The greatest thing JJ ever did with his money was to take care of his elderly mother, without his having to work. Although she was given only 1-2 years to live,  he did that for 10 years.

NO, actually, Real Estate did that. It's just THAT powerful.

JMEM is truly for those who want to make money in Real Estate and who are not afraid to put in some time to learn.

JJ is one of the most overwhelmingly loved public figures online and has already helped thousands of people improve their lives and financial standing. Through the training at JMEM, he hopes to help thousands more.

JJ Cohen Membership gets the highest rating of service and remains dedicated to people looking to get started in real estate as well as those intermediate investors, who are looking to grow their portfolios and need a helping hand.

Originally from D.C. - JJ, 52, lives in Las Vegas and enjoys writing, movies and sports. He is an avid Tournament Poker Player in his spare time.


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